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EVS Volunteer Claudia Bolboaca

Claudia Bolboaca who is an EVS short-term volunteer, for SFERA Macedonia organization, in Bitola, came from the

biggest city in Transylvania, Romania called Cluj-Napoca. As Together Macedonia, we have interviewd with her and about her projects.


Who are Claudia Bolboaca? May you give to us informations about yourself?

My name is Claudia Bolboaca and I am an EVS short-term volunteer, for SFERA Macedonia organization, in Bitola.
A bit about myself: I come from the biggest city in Transylvania, Romania called Cluj-Napoca where I graduated the Faculty of Letters, Applied Modern Languages Department specializing in English and Spanish languages which allows me to work with them in translations and all kinds of areas. But I have to mention that I also speak a bit of French too as I studied it 8 years in school. Also, I did a Master in Community Development and Urban Planning.

Transylvania, Romania


How did you discovery EVS? How did you decide to be a EVS volunteer?
I found out about EVS at the beginning of 2017, and by the end of the year I managed to find the current project I am participating in. What made me want to be part in it was the sustainability and recycling/upcycling themes which are so important topics nowadays and also the friendly atmosphere at the organization that I got a grasp of during the interview. Also, I have never been in the Balkan area before so I was ready to have a new cultural experience which I am happy to have been open to. I love to travel (obviously), be out in nature or just chill with my friends.

What is your Project’s name and issue? What do you do in Bitola exactly?
My project is on upcylcing/recycling and is named “Clean up your mess” and it lasts 2 months, from December to January. Basically I do workshops with children at school weekly where we do craft projects from recyclable materials.



Can you tell us about your events in Bitola? What did you do till now?
Each project has a duration of a month and while in December we had a project at St. Kliment Ohridski school where we did a Christmas chimney from cardboard boxes, decorations from egg cartons and a Christmas tree from toilet paper rolls, in the month of January I will work with the kids at the Rehabilitation Center for a new and exciting project. In the rest of the time, I work at the SFERA office where I contribute with articles on the organization’s website or I create promotional materials for their events. Also, SFERA is a very active organization so I have the chance to participate and help with organizing all kinds of events which impact the local community in a positive way, such as charity events, promoting healthy lifestyle and sports through Floorball at schools or promoting art and recreation through the monthly Art Attack.

What did you expect before you came here?
I expect by the end of the project to be a better and more skillful EU citizen who understands better her potential and in the same time know what to improve herself.

And what do you feel and think now?
I know that I will remain with great memories and will have made good friends. I am having a good, fun time here in Macedonia as it is a friendly environment; the surroundings are very beautiful so I am looking forward to traveling around as much as I can, until I leave. So far, I have met amazing people that I am happy to call now my friends wherever they are from (Turkey, Spain, etc).


Where have you been before Balkania? Have you ever been volunteer?
I have been in the USA 3 times during university with the Work&Travel program where I managed to travel in many of the most important places there such as New York, Boston, New Orleans, Chicago, Las Vegas and California. My work background includes working in sales, gaming and hospitality.

What will you do after your project finish?
After the project I plan on exploring and experiencing a new culture by taking up a new EVS or professional challenge, whatever and wherever that might be to help me grow as a better person.