Welcome to Together Macedonia

Goals of the organization:

The strengthening of professional development for young people at the social, cultural, civil and intellectual level

The promotion of tolerance, communication, and cooperation between different cultures and generations

The provision of access to informal education for youth workers and those who work with youth

"Together Macedonia" is one of the independent representatives of the network of Together organizations (www.network-together.eu)

Together Macedonia believes that young people are the driving force of social development and the key to achieving their goals as an organization at both the local and international level.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to empower the youth; as they are the leaders of tomorrow.

Latest news and events



On Friday 21.02.2020., association Together Macedonia launched an initiative to raise the traffic culture under the slogan #TRAFFICAWARENESS. The volunteers and activists of the association organized […]

EVS Volunteer Claudia Bolboaca

Claudia Bolboaca who is an EVS short-term volunteer, for SFERA Macedonia organization, in Bitola, came from the biggest city in Transylvania, Romania called Cluj-Napoca. As Together […]

EVS Volunteer Yurdakul Demir

        Yurdakul DEMİR is from Elazığ in Turkey. But he live in İzmir in Turkey and he came from İzmir who is member […]