Do you want to promote youth participation, European citizenship, volunteering, international mobility and intercultural learning?

About Us

Together Macedonia is a non-governmental organization founded in 2007 in Bitola, Macedonia, by a group of young enthusiasts with a desire to contribute to the building of civil society in Macedonia. "Together Macedonia" is one of the independent representatives of the network of Together organizations (

Goals of the organization include: the strengthening of professional development for young people at the social, cultural, civil and intellectual level; the promotion of tolerance, communication, and cooperation between different cultures and generations; and the provision of access to informal education for youth workers and those who work with youth. Together Macedonia supports the active participation of young people in their local communities and assists in their development through intergenerational, cross-cultural and professional development training workshops and youth exchanges.

This organization also provides and facilitates a diverse array ofhigh-level and leisure activities relating to multicultural inclusion, improving English speaking skills and developing social competence. Together Macedonia believes that young people are the driving force of social development and the key to achieving their goals as an organization at both the local and international level.

Mission Statement

Together Macedonia, founded in Bitola, Macedonia, and part of a pan-European network of youth organizations, is dedicated to raising youth awareness, active citizenship, international mobility and participation of young people at the international level.

By providing professional development workshops, weekly English conversation hours, opportunities to participate in youth exchanges abroad and a variety of diverse local activities, Together Macedonia empowers the youth of Bitola to strengthen their personal skills, grow professionally and make an impact in their local community and beyond.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to empower the youth; as they are the leaders of tomorrow