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Oбука за Работа со Mлади

EVS – Volunteering Possibilities

Work in the "Zabeni" Company

1.Together Macedonia


Together Macedonia is a non-political, non-profit making youth organization created by young people leading an active social life, believing in cross-European co-operation and intercultural experience and wishing to get more experience in this field through developing various projects in the frames of the Erasmus+.
It’s main aims are giving youth possibilities for creative development, spreading of European culture in the field of international youth exchanges, European Volunteer Services, promotion of realization of cultural, art and sport projects, spreading information about and for youth.

We are convinced that hosting European volunteers in this region will have a great positive effect on local community, bringing and promoting European values, as well as adding understanding and tolerance towards differences in the cultures, thus, breaking stereotypes and fighting against racism and xenophobia.

Our organisation is located in Bitola. European Volunteer will work along with the other volunteers of the organisation on realization of projects at local, national and international levels. He/she will be of a great help of everyday activities of the organisation’s life. The volunteers will work in the organisation as an assistance to local volunteers, some of whom are ex-EVS themselves from Macedonia and abroad.


  • Promotion of local activities of association (communication, newsletter, interviews, updating the webpage, creating and distributing the flyers, meeting in youth houses, municipality, participating in the fairs, concerts, festivals, etc.);
  • Promotion of European awareness and explaining the possibilities of youth in Europe and providing info about Europe;
  • Assistance with international youth exchange projects as well as support for training’s and seminars;
  • Organizing and presenting exhibitions, providing and defending European values
  • Technical and practical preparation of activities;
  • Regular participation in team meetings, creation of the programme, etc.;
  • Documentation of the activities of the association (taking pictures, making films, newsletters, webpage, etc.);
  • Language lessons;
  • Realization of personal ideas and project with assistance of the project coordinator.

The volunteers will be active about 30 – 35 hours a week from Monday to Friday, approximately from 10.00 to 17.00. The language lessons will be included to the working hours and will be provided by a young person from Bitola. Saturday and Sunday will be free days. If the volunteers will have to work during the weekends, they can take these days off during the following working days.

Volunteers will be always supported by the hosting organisation in order to apply their own proposals. There will be a space and support for the realization of individual project of the volunteer. We are also open for the volunteer’s ideas and ways of doing their tasks. We are convinced that the volunteers will get new interesting experience.



2.“Zabeni” Company

Address: Str. Tomaki Dimitrovski nr. 7/1 7000 Bitola, R.Macedonia


Company’s vision is to be organized industrial zone with EU standards, to provide a complete infrastructure, to meet the needs of investors and also make a significant contribution to the development of the country and the region, thus increasing the level of quality of life of citizens.

The “Zabeni” Company  is in the middle of the Sirok Sokak street, the main and most popular street of Bitola. If you want to work in this company you will be in city center so after work time you can visit some places, drink coffee in one of many coffees or if you want to walk in peace you can go to biggest park in Bitola or National Park Pelister. The Company is nearby everywhere.  Also Bitola is nearby to some special cities like Ohrid, Skopje etc. so If you have time you can go somewhere easily in free days. There is a train station and bus station.

Work days are from Monday to Friday between 10:00 – 14:00 and it doesn’t tiring for volunteers so you don’t need to wake up early in the morning and you have time for everything. Also you have 2 free days in the weekend (Saturday and Sunday). If you want to travel and discover around you have time for that.

Volunteers work is in the office and help to the director of the Company. Volunteers will work on commercial correspondence (E-mail) and marketing.  It’s good experience for volunteers.  Company needs your language and help.

This Project gives you Professional company experience, improves your language and  teaches you to another culture. After this project you will have experience how to make a successful contact with your work partners. You can easily adapt on work life in real meaning of work. You can add in your CV this experience, when you return to your country so this will give to you a big plus in work life.



3.”Kemal Ataturk” Museum  

Address: St.Celement of Ohrid BB, Bitola 7000, Macedonia


The Institute for preservation of monuments of culture, Museum Bitola is a national institution of culture which main goal is the protection, systematization, scientific processing and presentation of the cultural legacy of municipality of Bitola.

The Kemal Ataturk Museum is in the center of Bitola, nearby  Sirok Sokak Street.  It’s the most popular Street in Bitola. If you want to work in the museum you will be in city center. So if you want to drink something after work you can find lots of cafes or if you want to walk in peace you can go to the biggest park in Bitola. The museum is nearby everywhere. You can walk everywhere  in minutes from the museum. Also Bitola is nearby some special cities like Ohrid, Skopje etc. If you have time you can go somewhere easily. There is a train station and bus station which connects you all around the Macedonia.

If you want to work in the museum it’s easy for you. Work days are from Monday to Friday between 10.00 – 14.00 and it is not tiring for volunteers. You don’t need to wake up early in the morning and you have time for breakfast or what do you want to do. Also you have free times on weekend. Saturday and Sunday are free days for volunteers. If you want to travel and discover around you have time for that.

Volunteers are working with guide of museum, help to guide and guests, if they need some information’s you can help them. The guide is very kind and energetic. She helps to you every time and supports you. You can learn something from her. It’s funny experience for volunteers.

Museum needs  your energy and help. They want to welcome a guests with your smile and guide guests around. In summertime (it’s beginning of May) Bitola is starting to be crowded. At that time touristic season begin. Tourists are coming to Bitola and also to museum.

This project gives you a new experiences, improves your language and  teaches you to another culture. You can practice your English, find new friends and contact local people what do they do in their life’s. Generally in this Project you can learn a lot. Also you can travel  around alone or with some friends and you can discover differences in life styles. It will be good for your personal education and your career and also very important, you can add in your CV this project and your experiences.




4.Kindergarten “Prolet”

Address: Dimitrie Tucovikj 49 Bitola, Macedonia


The Kindergarten “Prolet” is at the other end of the Sirok Sokak street, from the  Clock Tower 3 minutes by walk. If you choose the Kindergarten you will be in city center. You can walk everywhere in the city because Bitola is small but amazing for foreigners. Kindergarten is nearby to old bazaar, there are historical buildings and streets. In Bitola, life is so easy so you can feel relaxed and you will learn something about city quickly.

Volunteers work in the kindergarten is to assist children while eating, playing and help teachers in getting the children in various activities. All of the teachers are helpful and friendly. If you like to spend time with children, this job is for you. You need to give much more energy but it feels good. Children are very kindly and full of love. They will give to you their joy and kindness. They don’t upset you.

Work days are from Monday to Friday between 08.30-11.30. This time including breakfast, play, education, lunch and sleep preparations. Also, you have free time on weekend i.e. Saturday and Sunday are free days for volunteers. If you want to travel and discover country you have time for that.

If you are or want study and work with children, this project will give you experience about children. You can have a lot of knowledge about children. You can use your knowledge for your education and work in future and you can add in your CV this experience so it will be a great asset in employment.