Together Macedonia – Work in The Ataturk Museum

The Ataturk Museum is in the center of Bitola nearby Shirok Street. It’s the main Street of Bitola. If you want to work in the museum you will be in city center. So if you want to drink something after work you can find lots of cafe or if you want to walk in peace. You can go to biggest park in Bitola. The museum is nearby everywhere. You can walk everywhere in minutes from the museum. Also Bitola is nearby some special cities like Ohri, Skopje etc. If you have time you can go somewhere easily. There is a train station and bus station and them connect to you all around the Macedonia.

If you want to work in the museum it’s easy for you. Work days from Monday to Friday between of 10.00-14.00 and it doesn’t tiring for volunteers. You don’t need to wake up early in the morning and you have time for breakfast or what do you want to do. Also you have free times on weekend. Saturday and Sunday holidays for volunteers. If you want to travel and discover your around you have time for this.

Volunteers work with guide of museum. Volunteers help guide and guests, if they need to information your language you can help them. The guide is very kind and energetic. She helps to you everytime and support to you. You can learn something from her. It’s funny experience for volunteers.

Company needs your energy and help. They want to welcome a guests with your smile and guide guests around. In summertime (it’s beggining middle of April) Bitola being crowded. At that times touristic season begin. Tourists come to Bitola also to museum.

The Institute for preservation of monuments of culture, Museum Bitola is a national institution of culture which main goal is the protection, systematization, scientific processing and presentation of the cultural legacy of municipality of Bitola.

This Project gives you a new experiences, improves your language and teachs to you another culture. You can make practice on your English, find new friends and contact local peoples what do they do in their lifes. Generally in this Project you can learn a lot. Also you can travel around alone or with some friends. And you can discover difference to others. It will be good your personal education and your career. You will learn to contact who needs your help. You can add your CV this Project and your experinces.