What is a Youth Exchange?

EVS Volunteer Yurdakul Demir





Yurdakul DEMİR is from Elazığ in Turkey. But he live in İzmir in Turkey and he came from İzmir who is member Pi Gençlik and Together Macedonia as an EVS volunteer. He is student at University of Anadolu. Before he came here, he had been working as security advisor in Turkey.

His project’s name is ‘Open the door’. It is about online journalism.





When we asked him why he was here, ‘I would like to help people and meet different people and have different experience. Furthermore I would like to change world and make it good place. After I decided to

came to Macedonia. ” he said.




He works as volunteer in Bitola Museum. It has Mustafa Kemal Atatürk department. Because of it, the museum is so popular in Turkey and Turkish people come Bitola specially for the museum. Mr. Demir help people who come to Bitola and would like to see Atatürk. Mr. Demir have told us about his work in the museum and he said “I have knew this museum already when I was in Turkey. I am happy to work here. Because I love Atatürk and he affected on my life with his works and ideas. When people come here from Turkey or others countries, I love to show and tell him to them.” He works in museum between 10:00 and 13:00 o’clock.  Besides, Mr. Demir join his organization’s events, Together Macedonia.








Meanwhile, because Mr. Demir’s project is about online journalism, he opened website and blog, and writes blog about Macedonia and events.

Futhermore he has organisated and joined a lot of projects. One of them is ‘Understand, help and sharing refugees in Serbia’.

Finally, Mr. Demir shared his feelings about being volunteer in Macedonia with us, “I am happy to be here. Bitola is small and sweet city. I love Macedonia people. I am lucky too. Because my organization is helpful. Like I planned, I have met many people and experience” he added.