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Street Art – Not Vandalism (March 2017)

“Street Art – Not Vandalism”
Youth Exchange
5th-12th March 2017
Bitola, Macedonia

Summary of the project:

This youth exchange will bring together 36 young people from 6 different countries – Slovakia, Spain, Romania, Greece, Poland and Macedonia – to discuss, debate and develop awareness which concerns the meaning of street art. Although Bitola is a city where there are many cultural events and festivals rich with modern art experiences, it is still missing initiatives that are open, outreaching and uniting. The encouragement for young people to express themselves in this way is limited and tireless young people are looking for the street space to tap into this creative outlet. This is perhaps the main reason for implementing such a project – where participants from different countries with different cultural background will have the opportunity to share their experiences and tell the history of street art in their countries. We have intentionally targeted participants from EU countries for the youth exchange that come from diverse cultures, different democratic histories and various backgrounds. This will enable them to exchange diverse points of view where street art is developed within a long tradition and where it has been transformed recently. We believe that young people are the heart and soul of this culture and form of expression. Therefore, we need to nurture and provide a space for a new generation of responsible young street artists.


5 participants (ages 18 – 25) + 1 group leader (of any age)= 6

Participating Countries:

Romania, Slovakia, Greece, Spain, Poland, Macedonia


Each participant will receive a YouthPass, which is a Certificate of non-formal education (you will take part in an educational activity). This is beneficial because it will afford each participant the opportunity to include this certification in their CV and use it for school, university, new job, etc.

At the beginning of the youth exchange we will divide participants into small groups that will meet every evening to reflect on the day (activities, what they have learned, etc). At the end of the exchange, there will be a workshop where participants will work on their own YouthPass. YouthPasses will be obtained at the end of the exchange.


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